Authors: A. Kaelin AgtenA. MonteagudoI. E. Timor-tritschB. Thilaganathan.

Conclusion: Cesarean scar pregnancy (CSP) is a potentially life-threatening, iatrogenic consequence of a previous Cesarean section (CS). If missed or inadequately managed, CSP can lead to severe maternal complications in any trimester of pregnancy.

There is a general consensus that low implantation of the gestational sac in a uterus previously scarred by CS predisposes to CSP. Physicians also acknowledge that, even though it is a rare condition, CSP can result in early-pregnancy uterine rupture or hemorrhage, or term AIP, with significant maternal morbidity.

There is an urgent need to develop screening and management recommendations to better understand the risks associated with CSP, however, the rarity of the condition hampers research in this field.


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